Welcome to the Atlas of Invisible Borders, an innovative multimedia project exploring the unseen divisions across Europe.

Through a comprehensive collection of concepts and videos, the Atlas provides a digital forum for reflection, amplifying diverse perspectives and shedding light on the persistent invisible barriers shaping Europe today.

These borders are social, economic, political, environmental and cultural, and they span from the regional to the continental level. They reflect unequal power dynamics, instances of subordination, vertical hierarchies, acts of violence or exclusion and disparities in the distribution of resources.

Our speakers, representing a broad spectrum of backgrounds, invite you to join them on this journey. Together, we aim to raise awareness about the diverse dynamics that continue to shape the experiences and opportunities of citizens across our continent.

Europe Placeholder

Lisa Borgiani

Remedios Zafra

Victor Sydorenko

Riki Blanco

Anahita Razmi

Fernando Broncano